Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Travel Memoir and Landscape

It is seldom that bloggers as writers get the recognition they deserve. That's why I'm so keen for the course I'm co-tutoring at Ty Newydd writing centre to be a success.

There are still places available and because of some special bursaries Ty Newydd can now offer places at about half price.  So if you'll excuse what might appear to be a little self promotion, please consider if you or anyone you know might like to come along.
Feel free to blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, whatever .. even better, make a booking.

The course is an ideal opportunity to develop your writing in the company of like minded others,. For anyone whose not been to Ty Newydd or an Arvon centre before, it's a chance to write in a wonderful location supported by enthusiastic and talented tutors - and for a bargain price.

For further details phone or  email Ty Newydd at post@tynewydd.org Tel: 01766 522811, or visit the website on  http://www.tynewydd.org/english/home.html

Landscape Travel and Memoir - From Blogs to Books
October 24 - 29  
Rory Maclean and Mark Charlton
Guests: Fiona Robyn and Zoe Dawes
Residential from £250 (shared room) £300 (single room)

In October the acclaimed travel writer Rory Maclean joins the family, landscape and nature blogger Mark Charlton on a journey from books to blogs and back again. Through workshops, tutorials and discussions, Rory and Mark will look at how to create engaging and personal writing, exploring the potential for publication in both new media and more traditional forms.

The course is suitable for anyone interested in travel, landscape and memoir – whether that be through journals, essays, poetry or fiction. Both tutors are regular bloggers and have a particular interest in how the Internet and electronic publishing can compliment traditional publishing and create opportunities for new writers to reach a wider audience.

RORY MACLEAN is one of Britain's most expressive and adventurous travel writers.  His eight books include award-winners Stalin's Nose, Under the Dragon, Magic Bus (Penguin) and now, in a moving departure, Gift of Time (Constable) about his mother's final journey. Every week he writes a provocative, personal blog from Berlin.http://blog.goethe.de/meet-the-germans

 is one of Wales’ most acclaimed bloggers; his Views From The Bike shed has been widely praised for the both the quality of its writing and it’s honest, reflective style. Mark’s first book, described as a journey into fatherhood and landscape, will be published by Cinnamon Press in 2012.

Guest Readers:
Fiona Robyn's most recent novel Thaw, was published as both traditional book and a daily blog. She is a prolific writer, tutor and founder of the online writers network, Writing Our Way Home.

Zoe Dawes was recently named as Britain’s Best Travel Blogger. Her Quirky Traveler website has opened a huge variety of travel and writing opportunities that show the possibilities of new media for aspiring writers. http://www.thequirkytraveller.com


  1. Would love to - really would - but unable to right now.

    One day though... one day.

  2. Would love to also.

    Not self promoting at all..this venue is the perfect place to..communicate; social media after all.

    Such a beautiful location...sigh..

  3. A few years ago it is something I would have really enjoyed, but as you know, my writing days are more or less behind me. Having said that, I write regularly for our village magazine, do my blog, keep journals, write to friends regularly, and am about to start researching watermills in my part of Norfolk. So maybe they are not over! Now I can't do it for various reasons.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog... looking forward to your book next year.... from your 'blogging friend in Norfolk' as you very kindly put it.

  4. Oh, if I only could! It looks like a lovely venue. If you ever teach this course online, let me know. Best of luck with the book.

  5. I've passed on the information, but the people concerned are just too bogged down in earning a living to be able to take the time off...even with the aid of a bursary.
    Employers are not sympathetic, it seems, although one person has told me that he was offered a place on a 'gender awareness' course as an alternative!
    This, of course, being run by the bunch of sad sack leeches contracted as 'experts' and 'counsellors' on public money.

    I second 'e's idea...

  6. Gender awareness.... now there's a thing.....

  7. Argghh Mark, if only it was not during the half term holidays. I'd love to come along for what I'm sure would both inspiring and a good laugh as well. If the course was for a day or two at a push it would be much more do-able, for me at any rate.

    I wonder what the age profile of bloggers is? In terms of proportions of numbers in a particular age bracket. Those who have got young children are going to find it a particular struggle unfortunately.

    That said it looks like an excellent course and am sure it will be!

  8. Sounds interesting, is blogging very popular in the UK? I only know a handful of UK bloggers and couldn't really tell.


  9. Can you offer this online eventually? That would be great as my chances of coming to Wales are slim...

  10. Booked and ready to go! Look forward to meeting you and to having some time to think about nothing but writing. Bliss

  11. Have given it a plug! Bit too far from the eastern fens for me, but hope all goes well.

  12. After a deal of dithering and a mass calling-in of xmas and birthday pressies for years to come, I have sent off my deposit! Always wanted to do a course at Ty Newydd and this one is the one for me. I need a shove in the right direction. Looking forward to being shoved