Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Very British Camping

Near to my house in Wales the campsites fill each summer with bright nylon domes. They're a rag bag of windbreaks , barbecues and surfboards - and it's seemingly more popular every year.

But there's something very different about the type of camper you find at the Camping and Caravaning Club. Last summer we went to Rhandirmwyn. On this site, everything has a place and very place has a thing.

In a rare short post, I thought I'd share some photos, including the one below of a couple of elderly friends, who seemed to be having a marvellous time.

I rather liked the Britishness of it all.


  1. The last photo made me smile (not the the others were bad!). It reminded me of the English couple we met in St Jean de Luz when we were visiting family and they were on the 2000+ mile of their campervan trip around Europe. There they were - sitting in 100 degree heat in a French carpark on stripped fold-up chairs, sipping tea from a thermos. They were fun!

  2. Yes, always the tea kettle boiling, and holiday-makers sitting in their stripey chairs, oftentimes knitting away despite rain or blistering sunshine :)
    It's the British way ....
    Love the pictures.

  3. The Caravan Club used to have a meet not far from where I lived...on land belonging to one of their members.

    They laagered up like something from the Boertrek and firmly refused to drink the water.

    The wine, however...

  4. My folks had a caravan, and were members of the caravan club, until one fortnight of solid rain in Cornwall, after which the enthusiasm wore off.

  5. I've had one caravan holiday in my life, and that was when I was 14 and my parents hired one on a site near Looe in Cornwall. Didn't like being in such close proximity to my parents much, even then I liked my own space and privacy. Am enjoying George Clarke's renovation of a caravan on his C4 programme.

  6. I gotta get me one of them ve-heercles and no mistake. Last time we camped in Wales it poured for the entire week and we had gales. We swore we'd never camp again and have stuck to it. But metal and plastic walls? That just might swing it.

  7. I love the identical vans side by side. :-) We see them in French municipal campsites too and the striped chairs are always in evidence.