Saturday, November 30, 2013

Feeling good

I did it.

And I have to say I'm quite proud of myself.

I've taken part in the NaBloPoMo (national blog posting month) challenge for each the last four years. The idea is to write a blog every day during November - more difficult than it sounds, but good discipline, and something I ought to do more.

I almost never pre-plan what I write; this year I wasn't even sure if I was taking part until half way through...  And so it's been a rambling sort of NaBloPoMo - but I've enjoyed it all the more for that. I'm aware there's been a lot of philosophy and politics - apologies, if I've gone on a bit; I guess that's because I've been clearing my mind. Then there was also scotch eggs...

But actually, I did it, and I'm quite proud of myself for another reason.

At the start of November I promised my friend and fellow blogger Michelle that if I completed the challenge I'd post a video of me playing the saxophone.

Well, last night, despite the head cold and very limited talent, I made my first ever public appearance playing an instrument.  Here's me and some fellow students, blowing our rendition of Feeling Good.


  1. Words AND music...this has been a goood month for your readers!
    May we hope for more mind clearing exercises in the months to come?

  2. Yay, you made it! Well done :)

    Where were you performing?

  3. Laughing at the sky? Thanks for the book.

  4. Well done Mark, a cracking month, both with the writing and the music. Now, Take Five, and have a day off.

    Clearly it wasn't man-flu. If you'd had the full blown version that scuppers us all there'd be neither breath nor energy to produce even the rudest fart from the sax. Must've been just a wee girlie-flu after all.

  5. I don't how you did it, but well done. I love the saxophone which is a good things since both our daughter and her younger son play. :-)

  6. From The Purple Traveller blog I noticed your name. A million years ago you were WCA boss and I was on the board. It was you who gave me the paddling name of Buckshot Bob!

    I still paddle but spend more time hill walking and I am now a born again cyclist. I have s few blogs but not to your standard - mainly as memories for my forage.

    Best wishes

    Bob Andrews

  7. Well done Mark. I'm only just catching up with your blogging as I don't seem to get them via email anymore? Nice one for the blogging and even better for the saxing. Fab!