Friday, November 1, 2013

The things we desire

I have wanted one of these for forty-five years.

On a childhood holiday to Scotland I tried to buy one but didn’t have enough pocket money; either that or my parents said they were ‘common’. 

I still remember the disappointment. 

But I’m older and wealthier now – and able to make my own decisions on what constitutes good taste. Not everyone might agree on my aesthetic sensibilities, but I’m thick skinned enough not to know I’m right and they’re missing the point!

So on this week’s visit to Edinburgh, I thought, what the heckyou can afford it …  go for it Mark 

Ten quid later I’m the proud owner of not one, but TWO, ceramic Nessies - and different sizes too!

It was almost worth the wait.


  1. There are worse pleasures in life than a ten quid Nessie...! And few as universally amusing. I quite fancy one myself.

  2. Love them! You can get a version for the garden too...

  3. What fun and why not? We're never too old to realise a long-held wish.

  4. Fab! Excellent purchase. Last time I was in Drumnadrochit, I bought a fancy water dropper pippet thingy to add just one or two drops to my Lagavulin.