Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...nearly

My friend and fellow blogger Michelle asked the other day if I was doing nablopomo this year.

I replied that I'm doing a sort of mmmmblopomo, which is code for keeping my options open.

So at this early stage I thought I'd take advantage of the wordless wednesday (well almost) theme and treat you to the collection of spectacles I found around the house!

Jane says I'm disorganised and forgetful.  I counter with a supposed strategy of 'a pair for every occasion'.

The truth is, by tomorrow I'll have lost half of these again.

Oh well, we can't all be perfect.


  1. Last time I did NaBloPoMo, Wordless Wednesday was a life saver. Good to see you today :)

  2. I have stashes of pairs of glasses....everywhere I am likely to need them.

  3. Spectacles are so emotive of the wearer. I have my grandparents spectacles and whenever I handle them it brings so many memories back to me.

  4. There are advantages to having just one pair of horribly expensive glasses. :-)