'You should write a blog,' my tutor said. 'Journals are fine but nobody reads them - unless, of course, you're famous, in which case all they want is the dirt.'

And that's how the Bike Shed began. A throw away suggestion on a writing course that seemed worth a go. I've never had a plan, never pursued a niche, never written a post for cash or sponsorship, never aired my dirt in public - or not much anyway.

Views From The Bike Shed is my take on the world - the musings of a middle class, middle aged bloke with an eye for what's interesting and what might be relevant in a wider sense.

Someone once described me as a polymath; I had to look it up. But I guess it fits: father, writer, painter, kayaker, cyclist, thinker, collector, nature lover, adopted Welshman, one time climber and occasional saxophonist. You'll find it all in the Bike Shed somewhere.

And if you really want the personal detail. I'm blessed with three boys and a wonderfully supportive wife; I split my life between  Wales, which has been my home, on and off, for more than twenty years and France where I spend increasing amounts of my time. I'm lucky at work too, with a flexible job in communications that gives me (almost) enough time to spend on the things that really matter.

My first book, Counting Steps - a journey through landscape and fatherhood - was published by Cinnamon Press in 2102. I was invited to contribute to an anthology of writing on place - Meet Me There was published in 2015.